How healthy is your older pet?

How healthy is your older pet?

Older pets, just like older humans, can suffer from a variety of ailments. Unfortunately animals can’t tell us how they are feeling and subsequently many older pets can be suffering from a variety of conditions without us knowing.

These conditions are often unnoticed at first, or the signs put down to ‘old age’, but they are usually progressive and if not detected can lead to serious consequences for your pets health. Early detection allows appropriate treatment which can significantly prolong the quality of life and lifespan of your pet.

We advise regular screening for older pets for the common conditions such as kidney and liver disease, diabetes and over-active thyroid in cats.

As part of our re-launch as Hornsey Vets we are offering a very special price on this screening of £49.99, this includes a full examination, blood and urine testing and discussion of vital preventative health measures.

So if you have a dog of 8 years or older, or a cat older than 9 give Lizzie or Jenny a call on 02072723354.