Slug Bait Warning

Slug Bait Warning

Slug Baits containing metaldehyde are pet killers - please don’t use them.

One poor family very nearly lost their gorgeous Cocker Spanial, Oscar, over the Christmas period after he ate some fox poo containing slug pellets.

It was only thanks to rapid treatment, intensive care and the skill and dedication of our team that he pulled through.

Oscar, a three year old Cocker Spaniel, became unwell shortly after eating some fox poo while walking on Hackney Downs. He started shaking just 30 minutes later and this rapidly progressed to full blown seizures. His owned rushed him to Canonbury Vets where he was given emergency treatment.

Caroline Allen, Clinical Director at Canonbury Vet explained ‘Slug bait is one of the most dangerous toxins we come across in pets. As in Oscar’s case the seizures are severe and difficult to control. Oscar had to be kept completely anaestheised with an anaesthetic infusion for more than 24 hours before the toxin started to clear the body and we could wake him out without him fitting. During this time we pumped his stomach and provided intensive supportive treatment. We really didn’t know if he would pull through’.

Oscar required several more days hospitalisation over Christmas but is now back to his normal bouncy self. It is thought the bait had been laid elsewhere and possibly then eaten by a fox, passing through into its faeces. The bait is quite tasty and appealing to foxes and dogs.

Caroline added ‘although slugs can be a nuisance and even transmit fatal lungworm to dogs we would urge people to avoid using metaldehyde containing slug baits. Oscar was extremely lucky to pull through, other dogs have lost their lives to this nasty toxin. Please don’t use it.’