The Labrador Who Stole Spring!

The Labrador Who Stole Spring!

We’ve all been wondering what has happened to Spring recently.

Well imagine my surprise when on Easter Sunday I had to carry out an emergency operation when an x-ray showed up a spring lodged in a Labradors intestines!

Orach is a gorgeous, happy and lively Lab. So we knew something was up when he came in because he wasn’t eating and was being sick. He looked very sorry for himself and his usual incessant tail wagging was missing.

Initial treatment with medication for an upset tummy and fluids to correct dehydration didn’t make him feel any better. We knew it was time for an x-ray.

The plain x-rays didn’t show up anything obvious- but excess gas in intestines was suspicious of a blockage- so we gave Orach a barium meal. Barium shows up on x-rays and is very useful for showing up blockages in the guts.

And when the x-rays came through we couldn’t quite believe our eyes- a very strange shape was highlighted right in the middle of his small intestine.
We knew there was no time to waste and had to operate.

The blockage is highlighted here:

So in the early evening of Easter Sunday Orach was anaesthetised and transferred to our theatre where – with the assistance of Veterinary Nurse Camilla- I operated to remove the blockage.

Unbelievably the large object had passed out of the stomach and half way through the intestines, causing damage and bruising as it scrapped its way through until it could move no further and lodged tight.

I was very relieved to discover no tears in the intestines which would lead to very serious, often life threatening, peritonitis. It is fortunate Orach’s owners had bought him in sooner rather than later, left another day I am sure his gut would have ruptured at the site of the blockage.

Fortunately the surgery to remove the obstruction went smoothly and Orach was soon recovering, albeit in a bit of a morphine haze.

Meanwhile I had a closer look at the obstruction. It smelt foul.

It turns out that the obstruction was coils of spring, or maybe fencing material, embedded very firmly in a large lump of fox poo!

With that out of his system Orach was soon feeling much better and it wasn’t long before he was eating again.

Orach was signed off today and is now back on his normal food and exercise regime. In fact as you can see this photo he doesn’t want to stay still and is back on the look-out for treats!