Pet Slimmer Champion!

Pet Slimmer Champion!

Unfortunately weight problems in pets are a growing problem.

Being overweight carries the same risks for pets as for people. In particular, we are seeing more and more diabetes in pets.
However help is at hand and we can help your pet lose weight safely and without them going hungry. Our vets and nurses are trained to provide advise on nutrition and we offer free weight checks to identify if your pet is overweight and to monitor their progress.

One such patient was the lovely Nelly. Here her owner describes the changes she has seen having put Nelly on a diet and seen the weight drop off.

‘I adopted Nelly eleven months ago. Her previous owner had lost control of Nelly’s weight – Nelly had had three litters of kittens, been spayed, and then kept with other mothers and kittens and 24/7 access to their rich kitten food. She had ballooned to over 6.6 kilos, and was too fat to jump from the floor onto a chair or bend enough to groom herself’.

‘The very first day I had Nelly, I took her for a consultation with Thomas at Hornsey Vets. He did a complete blood profile to make certain that her internal organs were all healthy and that there was no sign of diabetes. Thanks to her youth (she had just turned 5) she was still healthy’.

‘Thomas immediately put her onto Hills prescription diet food, gave me exact instructions of how to measure out each of her meals and from then onwards saw her once a month to weigh her and to check that we had the food quantities exactly right – he explained that it’s very important that an overweight cat doesn’t lose weight too quickly or too slowly, so each month he set a target and then calculated the precise amount I should feed her to achieve it. Nelly loved the Hills prescription food and had no idea she was on a diet – she never seemed to be hungry between meals – and each month she lost a steady amount of weight. She quickly discovered her inner kitten and a cat who had once only wanted to sleep and eat became extremely playful. The increased activity also helped the weight loss and she now weighs 4.37 kilos’.

‘She loves toys, loves playing with my other cat, Monty (who has become her best friend) and can climb up anything and everything. Her coat which was once greasy and full of dandruff because she couldn’t clean herself, is shiny and soft, and it’s clear that life is now great for Nelly. I’m really proud of having been able to do something for her (with very little cost, trouble or inconvenience to myself) which has given her such a dramatic improvement in her quality of life. I would not have been able to do this, however, without Hornsey Vets – it was absolutely vital to have the monthly weigh-ins and the diet plan Thomas set up. All I had to do was buy a small set of scales and the Hills prescription diet and then make sure I measured out each day’s food, and fed her no extra treats’!

Well done to Nelly and her owner!

There is no doubt that at this more healthy weight Nelly will live a longer and more healthy life.

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight give us a call on 02072723354 to book a free weight check appointment.