Russell Hatton BVSc MRCVS

Jolly Fine Vets principal, Russell, made his way from South Africa to London in 1985, working as a vet locally before setting up his own practice in 1996. A deep understanding of zoology, ecology and evolution – and the incredible bond between pet and owner – have enabled Russell to develop his own, groundbreaking approach to preventative health and a focus on fostering long, happy relationships, all of which form the foundation of Jolly Fine Vets’ ethos and care. He’s also behind the design of Jolly Fine Vets’ state-of-the-art practices and seeks out the best equipment and technology for the team. Naturally, wherever Russell lays his hat, a menagerie of pets is never far away. His current family is a Scottish Deerhound, a Hortaya Borzaya and a grumpy cat called Arthur. You can spot his dogs on the Jolly Fine Vets homepage.